Shammah Ministries


Ron & Tonia Woolever

We are Ron and Tonia Woolever, a resource for relationship. Our work is to help people relate to God and to each other in satisfying, intimate and healthy ways.

We are Christian speakers, Bible teachers, counselors and mentors with over 30 years of experience in coming alongside churches, pastors and their leaders, married couples and individuals who want to better learn how to relate to Father, Son and Holy Spirit; faithfully love a spouse; or develop healthy community in your church.

As living witnesses to God’s power to heal broken relationships and wounded souls, we have a passion to teach believers what they have been given in the New Covenant, in which God the Father promised, “They will all know me, from the least of them to the greatest.” Working with Christians of all streams, we particularly bring the truth about Covenant, the Biblical pattern first revealed in God’s heart for mankind to live in committed, righteous relationship. We have a passion for this work because we have seen firsthand how many are robbed of abundant life through lack of understanding God’s covenant heart and ways. But we offer much more, such as:

  • Church or community seminars that are refreshingly practical and thoroughly Biblical.
  • Speakers for your men’s, women’s or community conference or event.
  • Bible Studies.
  • Retreats for men, women, couples and ministry leaders.
  • Great learning resources in print, CD and DVD.
  • Counseling and mentoring. We especially love to help pastors and their families or anyone in Christian ministry.

We invite you to explore our site and see if there is some way we can help you in your church or relationships.