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Ron & Tonia Woolever

We are Ron and Tonia Woolever, serving the body of Christ as Shammah Ministries, a resource for relationship. We love to help people relate to God and to one other in satisfying, intimate and healthy ways.

We do this through seminars, counseling and mentoring. For over 30 years we have worked with churches, pastors, leaders, couples and individuals to facilitate better relationships.

We are living witnesses to God’s power to heal broken relationships and wounded souls. This has fueled our passion and calling to teach Christians about Covenant, which is the pattern God established for sharing life in committed righteous relationship. The abundant life Jesus promised only comes as we understand God’s covenant heart and ways. We offer this and other topics through:

  • Church or community seminars that are practical and Biblical.
  • Speaking community conferences or events.
  • Bible Studies.
  • Books and audio teaching.
  • Counseling and mentoring, especially for pastors and their families or those in Christian ministry.

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What We Teach

We primarily teach the Body of Christ about knowing Father, Son and Holy Spirit according to God’s promises in the New Covenant of Christ. This covenant, originally revealed by God through the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah, is affirmed by the New Testament book of Hebrews.

Hebrews 8:10-12 tells us that salvation through Jesus Christ brings believers into a covenant relationship that is nothing less than an intimate, eternal union with the Lord. In this relationship we can all know and be taught by God, and be forgiven of our sins.

Covenant concepts imprint upon your heart the ways of God for faithful righteous relationship to Himself and others. Through these concepts we learn not just what is right, but what leads to abundant life and faithful love. We present these concepts through teaching on:Ron teaching covenant at SSMI

If you want to read more about the books we offer in connection with these presentations, visit the store on Tonia’s author website at

Ron preaches at Cowboy ChurchMinistry for Men – Leadership Training

Ron meets with individual men for mentoring. If you are in need of a mentor, or want to be a mentor to others, email Ron for more information on how to get started, whether local or long-distance via internet video conference.

Ron trains ministry leaders in ministerial ethics, administration and developing spiritual gifts.

Tonia at Michigan retreatMinistry for Women

Tonia is available to speak at your conference or retreat. Her seminar, What Kind Of Woman Will I Be? is excellent for women’s events. Tonia has produced and conducted dozens of women’s retreats and can also help you plan an event tailored for your specific group. Email her for more information or to schedule an event.

Tonia is the author of several books, which you can learn more about on her author website at  For instance, her book The Woman God Designed is a powerful and life-changing study for personal or group use. It guides a woman through the process of building a relationship with the Holy Spirit which transforms and nourishes her heart and marriage. A Group Leader’s Guide is also available on her author website.


We are often asked about the name of our ministry. “Shammah” is one of the Jehovah names of God in Hebrew, found in Ezekiel 48:35. It means “The Lord is Present.”

Recent Posts

Resting Between His Shoulders

It’s 6 a.m., and I have settled into a chair near the wide open back door where I can feel the coastal breezes waft in, and hear the first bird songs of the morning. As usual, I have my creamy tea in hand. After greeting the Lord with “Good morning,” I ask, “What do you want us to do today, Lord?” The answer comes, 

“Rest in my love.”

Tears of relief and joy well up. Relief, because I realize I am a little on the weary side this morning. I don’t know how much I need to rest with Him until I hear the words. Joy, because this is the God who saved me and with whom I share life. 

I lean back, and the words of Moses bubble up to the surface of my mind: “The one the Lord loves rests between His shoulders.” This is part of the blessing/destiny Moses spoke over the tribe of Benjamin — the youngest of Israel’s sons, the baby of the family, who forever in my mind and theology represents the child of God. The greater blessing says, “The beloved of the Lord rests secure in Him, for He shields him all day long. And the one the Lord loves rests between His shoulders.” (Deuteronomy 33:12)

I know these words by heart, having claimed them as my own heritage, in faith. And in response to this faith — that the Lord loves it when we lean against Him in childlike faith and presumption of His tender love for us — the Lord has invited me to rest anew in His love. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this invitation. 

How did I come to faith in this way of being with the Lord? These words, among many others in Scripture, which the Holy Spirit has woven together in my heart over years of seeking to know this God. It is like a garment I wear now, made seamless by Jesus’ invitation, “Come to me, all who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest…” together with His admonition, “Anyone who will not receive the kingdom like a little child will never enter it.” 

The kingdom of God is many marvelous things, and I’m sure I’ve only discovered a fraction of them. But I am quite sure that chief among them is resting between God’s shoulders, enjoying His love, in the un-self-conscious faith of a child who is convinced Daddy loves her.

The topic of being childlike with God, and being established in His love, is a major theme of Tonia’s book, “They Will All Know Me,”
available on and in the Shammah Book Store.

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