About Tonia Woolever

After several weeks of teaching her course The Woman God Designed to a class at the local pregnancy help center, Tonia received her favorite complement, from a 19-year-old unwed mother:

“I never cared much about that religion stuff, but I want to know the Jesus you know.”

Whether mentoring a single woman over coffee at home in Texas, presenting seminars, or in intimate retreat with women in a Michigan forest, Tonia testifies of and teaches others how to build a personal relationship with God that is Biblical, transformative, satisfying, and fruitful. “Knowing God,” she says, “is our calling in Christ and the key all genuine joy, peace, wisdom and strength promised in Scripture. We can’t produce these by faith; they are the natural result of sharing life with God.”
As a speaker and writer, Tonia is reaching for the audience who has been taught more about God than how to truly know God, in order to teach them:

  • Why they can and must know God in the New Covenant of Christ
  • How to perceive and respond to the Holy Spirit in daily life
  • How to enter God’s rest, where He satisfies His creation

Tonia wants to help people move from unsatisfying Christianity-as-usual into a deeply satisfying friendship with God. Towards that goal she writes a blog about sharing life with God called ScribeLife.

Tonia and her husband Dr. Ron Woolever established Shammah Ministries in 1994 to help people develop great relationships with God and others.T hrough this ministry they have worked with with churches and believers of all streams, teaching a course called Covenant: God’s Pattern For Righteous Relationship and Spirit Life: Walking With the Lord In Abundant Life,” onhow to share life with the Holy Spirit — knowing Him and being guided by His personal counsel.

Tonia was ordained to the gospel ministry in 1997, and since then has also become an author. Her first book was written for  women (and the men who love them), entitled  “The Woman God Designed: Living the Life He Longs to Give.” It is an excellent women’s resource for personal or group study.

Tonia writes and publishes a book series called “ScribeLife” to help Christians develop authentic and satisfying life with God. The titles include:

Tonia is planning to add at least three more books to this series.

At home base in Texas she spends her days counseling, mentoring, teaching and writing. Tonia and Ron share life in Texas with a delightful Labradoodle named Dude.Dude the Labradoodle

One of Tonia’s favorite formats is the women’s retreat. For many years she has written, hosted and presented such retreats, primarily on one of her two favorite topics, Entering God’s Rest, and What Kind of Woman Will I Be?

If you are planning a retreat or need an engaging, inspiring and powerful keynote speaker for your next event, you can contact Tonia here.