WE did it!

God has called me to write, but it doesn’t always come easy. I’ve gone through a season of really struggling with the writing lately; even after clearing my schedule to make more time for it, and my dear hubby throwing all of his support behind me in this, I kept hitting a wall I couldn’t quite break through. Without making any attempt to analyze everything that wall is made up of (did I hear a sigh of relief out there?) I’ll just say it was an odd mix of anxiety, distraction, procrastination, resistance and laziness. Every time I set aside time to write, I just couldn’t break through and really get into the happy place where focus is strong, the material takes on a natural order of flow, and the Holy Spirit has an easy time of downloading inspiration.

I got there this week. Steadily, through discipline, the prayers of friends, hubby making meals and increasing my quiet time with the master Writer, I came to the happy place on the new book. Sitting on our front porch early this morning, enjoying the cool breeze before another 100+ Texas day, I sat there smiling into my creamy tea. I felt joy and looked forward to getting back in my office to continue the writing. Suddenly, my quiet celebration was interrupted by, “We broke through! We broke through!”

It was the Lord, joining my celebration. So clear his words, so strong the feeling of his joy with me. And that’s why I love to hear God’s voice; I couldn’t make this stuff up. But what amazed me and brought tears, was how he put it. WE broke through —  speaking as if he had been struggling right alongside me, in those weak and dissipated places of procrastination. Of course, I thought; we’re one, and that is The Covenant Heart expressing Himself once again!

I just sat there weeping and smiling at this God who didn’t stand back and look on in judgment when I was weak — he got down with me in my low places and helped. He loved me there, and gently helped me break through everything that the world, the enemy, and my flawed self had constructed to block it. WE broke through all that, together, and I couldn’t tell you neatly step-by-step who did what, and that’s a good thing, because great moments in living relationships are best simply enjoyed rather than analyzed.

This is the Holy Spirit: always with God’s children in your low places, and then when you’re up, back in the strong place, in the victory circle in your own heart, it is impossible to separate who did what to bring you here. You are one, you’re a team. We share joy just as we shared the failure. WE did it, and my grateful heart is worshipping.

Now, back to the book, with joy. WE’VE got more to do.

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