Hearing God

Hearing God’s voice is the privilege of every born-again child of God, and the key to enjoying the greatest promises of the New Covenant of Jesus:

  • Being personally taught by God.Can_I_Really_Hear_God
  • Experiencing the Lord’s unfailing love, guidance and comfort.
  • Abundant life as sons and daughters of God learning to walk in His character, fruitfulness and power.

And this is why the devil is determined to steal this truth from believers. Only through communicating with God can Christians effectively fulfill the purpose they were created for — to know their God, enjoy Him, and reveal him in truth to a world that needs him.

The belief that we can know God’s voice permeates everything Ron and Tonia teach, but this is the course that explains:

  • Why we need to hear God’s voice
  • The Biblical evidence that we can
  • The practical steps to developing “ears that hear,” and
  • Hindrances to hearing God.

This teaching is available for presentation at your church in one to three sessions, as a CD single, part of the Spirit Life CD set, or as a personal or group study with the book, Can I Really Hear God?