Treasure Hunting in the Prophets

Are you one of those reluctant to read the Old Testament prophet books like Jeremiah and Ezekiel, and those pesky little guys like Obadiah and Nahum? Many are, which is the reason I wrote a Bible Study course called “Finding the Heart of God in Every Book of the Bible.” I wanted to entice readers to search for the treasure in every book, namely understanding the heart of God.

Jeremiah had the unfortunate job of warning Judah about the impending overthrow of Jerusalem and exile that was coming because of Israel’s sins against their covenant with God. Most pigeonhole Jeremiah in the “book of judgment” category, but that is a mistake. That opinion is what you get if you only know Jeremiah’s message by sermon osmosis, rumor or drive-by reading. When you read the fine print of Jeremiah, here is what you learn about God:

  • That God suffered hundreds of years before he finally said “Enough!” He was not quick to become angry and judge.
  • Even after the decision to judge his people, his messages warning people of the impending judgment (WAY ahead of it coming) was laced with pleading that if they would change even now, he would relent and not bring the judgment their behavior called for.
  • That when the Lord confirmed his people would be forcibly removed from the Promised Land and taken captive into exile, he said, “But leave marks on the road so you can find your way home again, for I WILL BRING YOU BACK.” He was planning their restoration even in the midst of being forced to punish them.
  • That though God punished his people for violating their covenant to possess their Promised Land, he did not abandon them. Repeatedly he says, “I will be with you… I will go with you… I will watch over you and even bless you in the land of exile if you trust in me and not other gods.” It becomes clear that even while God exercised judgment, He never abandoned the relationship! They lost their promised land, their blessed place, not their connection to God.
  • Even while warning of His judgment nations like Egypt (Chapter 46) where many of his exiles went, God promises that while he brings judgment against the ungodly government and nation, he would keep his people safe: “Jacob [i.e., my people], do not fear, nor be dismayed. I am going to save you and your descendants from the land of their captivity. Jacob (my people) shall return and be undisturbed and secure. Do not fear, for I am with you, and you will be okay while I make an end of that nation.”

Dear people of God, Read the Word! Know your God!


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