Concerning Women In The Church

Concerning Women In The ChurchDr. Ron Woolever presents evidence from the Scriptures, plus church, biblical and cultural history, to clarify the issue of a woman’s place in the Church established by Jesus Christ. He answers questions such as, can a woman teach and fill leadership roles in today’s church?

Ebook, 82 pages.  $2.99

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The Table of Contents

  1. Concerning Women In The Church
  2. Women’s Role In The Church
  3. The Invisible Interpreter
  4. What Would Happen If?
  5. So What’s The Big Picture?
  6. What Kind of Silence Is This?
  7. The Other Limiting Passage
  8. In Summary
  9. Just For The Women
  10. What About Wives Submitting To Their Husbands?
  11. Women In Professional Ministry
  12. What About Head Coverings?