The Theology of Aloneness

A.W. Tozer, one of my favorite authors, published a wonderful book in 1950 entitled “The Divine Conquest,” in which he identified a common problem among Christians that still exists today. Quoting a few excerpts:

A.W. Tozer

A.W. Tozer

“Is it not true that for most of us who call ourselves Christians there is no real experience? We have substituted theological ideas for an arresting enocunter; we are full of religious notions, but our great weakness is that for our hearts there is no one there…..

“We talk of Him much and loudly, but we secretly think of Him as being absent… we think of ourselves as being alone….

“The men and women of the Bible talked with God. They spoke to Him and heard Him speak in words they could understand. With Him they held person to person converse….  Nothing can take the place of the touch of God in the soul and the sense of Someone there…”

We are often asked why we named our ministry “Shammah.” The answer is this is our favorite biblical “Jehovah name” of God — Jehovah Shammah — because it means, “God is present.”

Child of God, please believe.  Do not doubt His word, and do not ignore his presence; the one leads to the other…

Perfect theology BEGINS with believing in God’s presence… Jehovah Shammah for YOU.