Shammah Ministries invites you to participate in our project to feed, clothe, house and educate the orphaned and poor children of Chifubu, Ndola, Zambia, in partnership with New Hope Ministry Centre.

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The “Third World” of Ndola

Like many pastors in Ndola, Pastor Mubanga makes very little salary from the church. Yet he and his wife Mary felt compelled to help the increasing number of orphans and street children in their poor district of Chifubu. Though Ndola is home to 1.2 million citizens, the Chifubu district is called ‘the third world’ by the rest of the city.

The Mubangas and church leaders visit homes each week where malaria and HIV produce new orphans every month.  They interview the families to determine who needs the limited amount of clothing and good they can provide.

They regularly search the markets for street children, who sleep under tables at night and beg for food during the day. If unsuccessful the children will hunt for food in one of the neighborhood garbage dumps.

Many of the children have lost one or both parents to malaria or AIDS.

Poverty forces many of these children to drop out of school, as school fees are expensive. Education is not free in Zambia, and if a child does not go to school, it is likely he or she will turn to crimes like stealing or prostitution in order to live.

A portion of the money we send New Hope each month is used to pay teachers and provide classes for those who cannot afford school.

With the free education that New Hope Christian Centre is providing these children can go on to secondary school or obtain productive work in their communities and break the cycle of poverty.

Pastor Mubanga and his wife Mary, who is herself a teacher in the Ndola Schools, have also organized vocational classes for the children who are ready for training in jobs, childraising, cooking, sewing, and other useful skills.

New Hope Feeding Centre

This ministry was founded by Bishop Christopher Mubanga and his wife, Rev. Mary Mubanga of Ndola, Zambia and is carried out by the church they pastor, New Hope Christian Centre. Their goal is to provide food, clothing and housing and ultimately education for the orphaned and poor children, whose numbers are increasing every month.

In the spring of 2002, every major newspaper worldwide reported a catastrophic famine threatening millions in several drought-stricken countries in southern Africa: with Malawi, Zambia, and Zimbabwe the most vulnerable. A UN report also attributes this to the AIDS pandemic, which has killed 7 million farmers. AIDS and malaria cause the orphan population to increase daily. The billions of dollars donated by the U.S.and other countries do not reach the needy children, and must go through many channels before becoming a meal on a child’s plate.

This is Sandra, age five. After her mother died of AIDS,
her father abandoned her. When the Mubangas found her, she had not eaten for days and was trying to find a rope to hang herself with. The Mubangas have taken Sandra in to raise alongside their four children. Other families at new Hope Christian Centre also take in homeless children.

After working with New Hope Ministries for two years, we saw their integrity and that all funds they receive go directly to feed and help the children. Having seen the need first-hand, we began sending regular monthly support in 2002, to help them to feed the orphans a hearty meal every Saturday.

Each week volunteers from the New Hope Christian Centre prepare vegetables, beans and a native porridge for the children. Once in a while they are able to add a little chicken.
The number of orphans varies, from month to month, but is never less than 100, and is usually more like 150. We mainly raise money to feed these children through our feeding jar program.

The Feeding Jar Program

The Feeding Jar Program is very simple: We use clear quart jars, place a picture on it of some of our wonderful Zambian orphans, and make them available at church. The families take the jars home, put them in a prominent place where change is daily added to the jar. When it is full, the family brings the jar back to church, places it on the altar, and grabs an empty jar to start over with.

Families really like this because it is a viable and simple way to teach their children about giving, and missions. The children get excited about it because they see the pictures of the children they are helping.

If you would like to obtain some pictures and implement this jar program at your church, send us an email at

Thanks for taking time to read about our orphans. We hope you will prayerfully consider helping us to help them! Remember,
“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress…”  James 1:27

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  1. These orphans are fed only one good meal per week — in order for the number of meals to increase, we need more financial support — Our guarantee is that every cent given for these children will go for either their support or their food.

    For more information contact us at: — or call 1-361-226-4918.
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